Saturday, 26 May 2012

Have finally decided to have a free promo for Trevor. So it is free to download today and tomorrow. Has been up there since about lunchtime and so far 30 downloads in the US and 14 in the UK.

So whilst it won't make any money it may raise the book's profile.

I have also added a discussion forum on under their Meet Our Author section for British authors seeking American reviews, as apparently UK posted reviews don't cross the pond, but the US posted ones do.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sorry not been back to the site have been under the weather with a cold and been getting frustrated by lack of progress on the sales front. So far have sold 1 in the US hurrah. and 6 in the UK.

This is despite promoting it on FB and joining a number of forums.

Trying to find a site that reviews self published fantasy books on kindle but so far no good. If anyone has any advice - gratefully received. Anyway onwards and upwards. Back to getting on with the marketing - oh and finishing off my second book ;)