Monday, 23 April 2012

Helping to promote ebooks on Amazon

BTW when I referred to the tips above, they are taken from the great 'Smashwords book marketing guide' produced by Mark Coker and available free from but what I want to do is to try these suggestions out, and others that I come across, to see what works best when trying to sell my recently published book. 

So what have I found out today - well that if you enter your biography, photo and video on Author Central on it doesn't update your profile on So presumably there is no information on the other versions of Amazon in Europe either. Will raise a question and update this as and when I hear if there is an easy way of doing this.

I have had one favourable review on the site but again these don't feed through into other sites so presumably I will have to target marketing at the US site specifically. Or find out how you can share the reviews. 

I am now going to register and raise a question on .com as I am still not sure how it works and will see if others can help me.

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