Wednesday, 25 April 2012

So another day, still no sales and rather depressingly since 23rd April my book has dropped from number 33,031 in the bestsellers ranking (I use the term bestseller loosely) to number 50,372. Oh well still early days I keep telling myself.

So what advice from other Amazon authors?

Apart from some favourable comments about the title and Millie on the cover and some surprise at the use of - ' - for speech instead of - '' - (is this a literary difference between the UK and US?) - the message coming through load and clear is nothing much works :(

So that is the bad news.

Some other more helpful suggestions include - getting the cover on Facebook, YouTube (I already have a video for my other book there) or providing a copy to the local paper. Or getting your family to buy it and review it as a last resort. I think I am going to try the local paper option first - so watch this space. I will let you know when I do the press release and what happens - if anything.

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